Friday, March 26, 2010

No Obama 2012

This Blog is being created to outline the common sense reasons why Americans need to reject Barak Obama and Democrats when they run for reelection! In November of 2010 it's to vote out the Democrats in the House and those up for reelection in the Senate....In November of 2012 it's the Congressional Democrats up for reelection and Obama and Biden. Obama's agenda and policies are taking away the uniqueness of America and the Freedoms that we have been afforded under the Constitution of the United States.

His promise to bring "Change" to Washington during his 2008 Presidential Campaign has manifested itself into -

* A Huge Social Justice/Socialist Agenda that has given us an insurmountable Debt/Deficit
* Much Bigger Government, More Entitlements that we simply cannot afford
* Government Takeover of American Industries (Auto, Banking, Student Aid, etc)
* Massive Government Takeover of American Health care
* A real move to Redistribute the Wealth in America
* And more regulations in every aspect of our lives.

In addition to that Mr Obama has not effectively addressed the problems with the economy.

* Unemployment is still close to 10% and the jobs that were created were largely in Government jobs NOT in private industry
* The Obama stimulus bill has wasted billions of dollars on projects that are not needed and do not improve the economy going forward
* Obama has demonized capitalism and many American Industries, and created so much uncertainty that private industry no longer knows what to expect in the future.

Obama promised much in his campaign in 2008 and has repeatedly broken those promises

* Promised Transparency, but has run his administration almost totally behind closed doors
* Promised Honesty and continues to bend the truth and often outright lies to the American People. (ie remember the SOTU address when he said Jobs would the #1 priority in 2010)
* He often acts in direct contradiction to the will of the American People (ie health care). His agenda is more important than the will of the American People
* His administration is the most corrupt, deceptive, arrogant, insincere and liberal of all time despite his campaigning as a centrist.
* Obama continues to associate with/be advised by/nominate radicals. (ie Reverend Wallis)
* The Obama Apology tour across the world where he has apologized for America

This President is transforming this nation into a Western European/Socialist Nation. That was NOT his promise when we campaigned and was elected in 2008. His Agenda will change the face of America forever if he is not voted out of office. Our first Opportunity is November of 2010 where we can vote to change the leadership and face in both the House and the Senate......When we get that control back we will be able to begin to impact Obama's agenda by impacting funding. Then in November of 2012 the focus has to be on more Democrats and squarely on Obama....WE CANNOT ALLOW HIM TO BE REELECTED!

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