Thursday, March 29, 2012

Same Old Crap from Obama....Demonize Big Oil...Tax Them we can pay EVEN more at the pump...

Same old crap from this guy....demonize big oil...demonize big them more....well who does he think is going to pay for the additional taxes he charges the oil companies?????? US that who....and once again it's all about alternative energy....he's already spending a lot more taxpayer dollars to subsidize alternative energy when the vast majority of American do not use it....

Fossil Fuel creates jobs....virtually all of us use fossil fuels to fill our cars, heat our homes, etc..etc.... Does he just not get that???? Alternative Energy does not create many's not sustainable today based on any business model...

Talk about out of touch....Obama is on another planet! And he must think we are really STUPID!

Obama urges Congress to end oil tax breaks, refocus on alternative energy

Published March 29, 2012 |

President Obama pressed Congress on Thursday to end $4 billion in tax subsidies to U.S. oil companies, saying he’s not concerned about them during record-high gas prices and doubling down on his vow to focus on alternative energy.

“I’m not worried about oil companies,” the president said in a Rose Garden speech. “Wind and solar power … energy-efficient cars. That’s the future.”

However, a Senate vote on repealing the tax breaks failed about 30 minutes later.

Congressional Republicans say ending the tax breaks will lead to higher fuel prices, raising costs on oil companies and affecting their spending on exploration.

Obama couldn't end the subsidies when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, before Republicans last year recaptured control of the House.

“Members of Congress have a choice to make,” Obama said Thursday. “They can stand with big oil or they can stand with the American people.

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